September 2005


The 25 Most Expensive Homes On O‘ahu

This summer, the median price of an O‘ahu home topped $610,000. You’d practically have to be a millionaire just to buy in, say, Mililani Mauka. But if you think those prices are crazy, just wait until you see…

As Time Goes By

Invest in timeless, classic styles of well-made shoes and you’ll always be in fashion.


Two in a Row:

Spices and Bistro Sun

September Heads UP!

Science: Comet Collision

How Hawai‘i had a front-row seat for the hit of the year.


Clipping Service

The New Guy

Introducing this magazine’s 21st editor.

Travel: Where the Bison Roam


Chatt Wright

Picture Perfect

Cameras have come a long way since the point-and-shoot, take-it-to-a-one-hour-photo camera of the past. Welcome in these new styles that suit every personality.

Your Life, Sponsored By …

In a nation where everything is for sale, there's no escaping advertising.


Changing Keys

O'ahu's biggest falsetto contest heads into a second decade without its namesake.

Scene: How Clean Was My Valley

The Waimea Valley Audubon Center offers gentle encounters with nature.

Toxic Neighbors?

Have a sewage problem? Look next door.

Keeping It Local

Hawai‘i Film Partners creates jobs, opportunities and grows Hawai‘i’s indigenous film industry