September 2005


As Time Goes By

Invest in timeless, classic styles of well-made shoes and you’ll always be in fashion.

The 25 Most Expensive Homes On O‘ahu

This summer, the median price of an O‘ahu home topped $610,000. You’d practically have to be a millionaire just to buy in, say, Mililani Mauka. But if you think those prices are crazy, just wait until you see…


Clipping Service

Science: Comet Collision

How Hawai‘i had a front-row seat for the hit of the year.


The New Guy

Introducing this magazine’s 21st editor.

Toxic Neighbors?

Have a sewage problem? Look next door.

Two in a Row:

Spices and Bistro Sun

Picture Perfect

Cameras have come a long way since the point-and-shoot, take-it-to-a-one-hour-photo camera of the past. Welcome in these new styles that suit every personality.


September Heads UP!

Travel: Where the Bison Roam

Your Life, Sponsored By …

In a nation where everything is for sale, there's no escaping advertising.

Changing Keys

O'ahu's biggest falsetto contest heads into a second decade without its namesake.

Keeping It Local

Hawai‘i Film Partners creates jobs, opportunities and grows Hawai‘i’s indigenous film industry


Chatt Wright

Scene: How Clean Was My Valley

The Waimea Valley Audubon Center offers gentle encounters with nature.