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Sept. 1934: In 1933, Honolulu Rapid Transit Co. introduced 22 new Twin Coach gasoline buses, dubbing them its "Silver Fleet," see photo above. The company also invested $142,000 (roughly $1.9 million today) to improve its existing rail line. "The installation of $150,000 worth of new 'Silver Fleet' buses, the expenditure of $142,000 on track removal and track improvement have been great steps by Rapid Transit," writes Paradise of the Pacific, predecessor to HONOLULU Magazine. "Schedules have been speeded up until now Honolulu has the fastest street car and bus service in any city between 100,000 and 150,000 in America."

Sept. 1949: Paradise of the Pacific reminds readers of war hero Lt. J.F. Coleman, a Kalihi bus driver and civilian member of the Hawai'i Air National Guard. During the attack on Pearl Harbor, Coleman was credited with shooting down four enemy planes. "It might seem strange for a bus passenger riding the short distance from Kaimukï to Hotel and Fort streets, to realize that the bus driver has already been several hundred miles at sea on dawn patrol, flying to a predetermined speck on a chart for a rendezvous or a problem of enemy interception," writes Paradise. "This strong air arm should prove to the people of Hawai'i that its security is assured by the spirit and effectiveness of these civilian warriors, training and working with the Armed Forces to preserve the American Way of Life."

Sept. 1954: "Hula hips aren't the only things that swing in Honolulu, and there's more than the sound of the surf along the waterfront," writes Paradise of the Pacific, photo at left. "Swinging doors and the bzzzt of tattoo needles, leaping neon lights and the laughter of women belong to the city, too." From dancehalls to saloons to cafes, Honolulu's waterfront offers a multitude of nightlife activities to both kama'äina and soldiers in port.

Sept. 1979: HONOLULU Magazine interviews Lt. Gov. Jean King, photo above, the first woman ever to hold that office in Hawai'i. The magazine asks King about her strained relationship with Gov. George Ariyoshi and speculates on her aspirations for Washington Place. "Some of Hawai'i's brightest politicians have held the post [of lieutenant governor], while letting everyone, including the governor, know that it was only a stepping stone, a way station for the overqualified," HONOLULU writes. "But King says she and the governor are building a 'good base.' 'We are not pretending that we agree on everything, but he [Ariyoshi] also made it very clear that he's No. 1 and the policy is to be made by him.'" In the 1982 gubernatorial election, King unsuccessfully ran against Ariyoshi. She was succeeded by Lt. Gov. John Waihee, who went on to become governor in 1986.

Sept. 1984: Men's wear-inspired pieces are the hot new look for women this fall, says HONOLULU Magazine. "Clothes are generously cut, exhibiting a roomy, oversize fit in a fashionably modern way. The silhouette is slightly oversized with bold, rounded or squared shoulders and deep-cut armholes. … The result is simplicity of line, fine tailoring and fabrics and a rich color palette."


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