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Hilton, Back in the Day


As I mentioned in a recent post, I’ll be sharing some vintage HONOLULU Magazine real estate ads from time to time. This Hilton Lagoon Apartments ad, from the August 1966 issue, caught my eye thanks to its highlighter-yellow backdrop and eye-catching black-and-white illustrations, drawings meant to convey the good life in Honolulu. It’s too bad the tagline, A Park Avenue Apartment in Waikiki, is cut off, because, really, how great is that? I especially love the copy raving about “the most fabulous front yard in all Hawaii” and the low-maintenance hook: “You no longer have to bother with such onerous expenses as interest on mortgages, property taxes, utilities …” Perhaps what’s most surprising about that line is the use of the word onerous. When is the last time you saw an ad that used that word? Apparently, even our advertising was smarter back then.

Of course, now the Hilton Hawaiian Village encompasses 22 oceanfront acres and 2,860 guest rooms and suites, with the possibility of an additional tower on the way. I wonder what the copywriter would have to say about the super-sized Hilton of today?

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