North Shore's Surf Row: Where the pro surfers live


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Volcom Houses

Volcom owns two properties along Ke Nui Road, separated from each other by the public right of way to the beach. One is a three-story house steeped in surf history, reserved for use by Volcom’s most elite surfers; the original Volcom property is more of a bungalow.

We pause in the backyard, soaking up the place: a cat (Smokey), a Dora the Explorer flotation device, the head to a now bodiless action figure. That’s when Laserwolf, a surf photographer who’s been on the North Shore for almost 5 years now, turns up. He shows us a picture of Jamie O’ Brien in the barrel on his phone; the next time we see it will be on

The smaller property has that famed frat house feel. We notice an indoor leather couch propped up on cinder blocks on the back deck, followed by a Volcom mural painted on the outside wall. “It was raining out,” Laserwolf offers by way of explanation for the impromptu art installation.

Volcom surfer Kaimana Henry manages the house, and he lives there year round. There are three bedrooms on the ground floor and a basement full of bunk beds that the groms call “the dungeon.” When the house is really packed, it sleeps about 15 people.

“It’s definitely not like it used to be,” Henry says about the parties, but, almost immediately, someone changes the subject to the pair of underwear that’s lying in the middle of the deck. It’s questionable whether it’s a male’s or female’s. Nobody picks it up.

Volcom snatched up the four-bedroom beachfront property next-door and rents it out for $1,000 night when the surfers aren’t around. Former residents include North Shore surf legends Gerry Lopez and Herbie Fletcher.

Despite the radically different aesthetics, the two houses share a certain atmosphere. Behind the high hedges and even higher fences lies the location of the house party you only ever dreamed about in high school and college.

Visible surfboards: A walk-in closetful
People at home: 4 (including a quick drop-by from surf photographer Brent Bielmann)
Beers in the recycling bin: a disappointing 1

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