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North Shore's Surf Row: Where the pro surfers live


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Billabong Houses

With its pitched roof jutting prominently above the hedge line, the Billabong house is one of the easiest surf houses to spot from the sand. From the outside, the house is as imposing as the Oakley house is inviting. There’s no beachfront entrance here; a tall brown fence surrounds the property. On the other side of the fence: a manicured stretch of grass, lawn furniture that’s not covered in wet towels (a North Shore rarity) and a lanai that extends the entire length of the house.

There are four groms in the backyard when we arrive, but they make themselves scarce when the topic turns to real estate. Tammy Moniz, whose four sons surf for Billabong and whose daughter, Kelia, is sponsored by Roxy, has been staying at the house for a couple years now. She welcomes us to take a seat on the broad back lanai. “We just got back from Australia, and I think it has kind of an Aussie feel.”

It’s easy to see what she means. The house is immense, but its exterior walls are broken up by tall windows and decks that invite the outside in.

As we talk unhurriedly, people come and go around us. The six bedroom house sleeps 18 comfortably, but during the peak season, the house sees up to 27 guests at a time. There’s one room just full of bunk beds. That said, Moniz describes the house as having a real ohana feel. The boys do their own laundry, she insists, and everyone’s very respectful. If the Billabong house feels closed off to outsiders, it’s matched by a sense of family within its walls.

Moniz also confirms what we hear as we travel up and down surf row: it’s not the epic party scene she remembers from the past. When we ask why not, she credits Kelly Slater. “He’s made it more professional. It’s a sport now.”

See inside.

Visible surfboards: 11
Pets: 1 small dog called Nahla
People at home: about 7 (groms, Auntie Tammy, Jack Freestone and Alana Blanchard included)
Rental price: $1,200 a night 

In addition to the house the Monizes are staying in, Billabong rents the next two houses up Ke Nui, towards Pipe.

The four-bedroom, four-bathroom Blue Wave House next-door rents for $750 a night. It’s where the Billabong A team sleeps. See inside.

The two-bedroom, one-bath home rents for $350 a night. It’s been reserved by Billabong through January. See inside.

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