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Buying a new home with the Pachecos


Fernando, Lola, and Sarah Pacheco in front of their new home, with their new keys.

After four months of following Sarah and Fernando Pacheco through the ups and downs of buying their first home, the sale has finally closed and they are moved in. Although they had wanted to hang on to their “townie cards,” Oahu’s current inventory crunch posed extra challenges to their budget, and they ended up buying in West/Central Oahu.

Their new place is in a quiet, master-planned community, with tree-lined streets, nearby parks, recreation options and more. Best of all, they got the extra space they need, and the little yard they wanted.

Knowing that they had bought a distressed property, they were fully prepared to give the place an overhaul with cleaning and whatever improvements they could do make it livable. The previous owner had not lived there for two years, so everything was abandoned—there was even a two-year-old sack of onions left in the kitchen. Although they closed on March 11, the Pachecos had to get right to work cleaning (more like scouring) the place from top to bottom and repainting everything before they could really live there. They’re still cleaning and renovating, but have made most of the major fixes needed.

The Pacheco's bathroom sink, before and after

“Talk about a crash course in home improvement. I’m a pro at the Lowe’s do-it-yourself videos now,” Fernando says, pointing to the various things he’s fixed or changed. “I’m particularly proud of the bathroom sink.”

“To save money on a renting a U-haul, we had a seven-person caravan of friends come over and pick up stuff from our old place. We're so grateful for our friends that have supported us in this move,” Fernando says. “The next step is to finish unpacking, and then we’ll have a chaplain come in to bless our place.”

So ends the house-hunting adventure for the Pachecos … as they start their adventure as homeowners. If you have any advice for them, leave it in the comments below!

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