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Trulia offers more neighborhood info


I’m always looking for new websites and apps that I can use on my smartphone as I’m driving around the island, looking for interesting properties to profile. A lot of realtors and homebuyers have recommended Trulia.com, which provides not just a list of homes for sale or rent, but community information and useful statistics.

When you go to the website, you’ll find the basic ability to search for homes anywhere in the United States. In addition to property information, however, you can find out if it had a price reduction, by how much, and when. It will also display comparable sales in the area, so you can get an idea of the market.

If you’re looking to rent, the site will tell you if pets are allowed, school district, and other miscellaneous details, depending on what they can pull from the rental companies. The data for rentals is not as rich as homes for sale, but it’s pretty useful and a good way to get them all in one place.

Here’s another cool thing about the site, though: If you’re looking to move to Honolulu, it gives you a weekly rundown of the most popular neighborhoods, average list prices there, and how the prices have trended compared to the week before.

Even more interesting (or disturbing), is the graph they provide on crime statistics.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as information goes. Some tabs have more information than others, but overall, it’s a very useful relocation tool.

There are fewer options to find community information when using the smartphone app, but it’s made to maximize the GPS tracking ability of the device. So if you’re driving around looking for nearby rentals, open houses, or price reductions, it will pull up an interactive map so you can immediately head over. As you can see by this map I pulled up today, there are a lot of price reductions in metro Honolulu.

Just a quick note on the guy who founded Trulia, as mentioned in Fast Company magazine earlier this month: 35-year-old Sami Inkinen arrived in the United States eight years ago with no knowledge of real estate. He also didn’t own a bike or a wetsuit. Today, Trulia is the fastest growing real estate company, and Inkinen is a triathlete ranked second in the world among amateurs in his age group—and he’s been here, competing in the half-ironman competition in Keahou, HI. For that alone, Trulia is a site worth checking out.

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