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What's a KumuKit?

I've been noticing KumuKit owners' lawn signs lately, but I couldn't tell what a KumuKit was as I drove by.


I’ve been noticing a particular lawn sign while driving around lately—for "KumuKit"—but it's taken me awhile to figure out just what a KumuKit is.

As it turns out, a KumuKit is a residential solar electricity system. If the signs had the parent company’s name—Hawaii Electric Connection—on them, they might not have piqued my curiosity. The signs for RevoluSun, Sunetric, Haleakala Solar and other more obviously named solar power companies rarely give me pause.

KumuKit offers custom and pre-engineered systems, along with a customized plan that takes your budget and available roof space into account. The custom systems can be installed all at once, or in sections over a year, while the pre-engineered system could be installed over several years.

The results, according to the KumuKit website, could greatly reduce your electric bill—from hundreds of dollars a month to $18. A handful of reviews on Yelp seem to bear that out—one Yelper says that his monthly electricity bill dropped from about $423 to $45 to $14.

Not that the drop in electric costs is unique to KumuKit. The Hawaii Solar Energy Association members include dozens of solar companies that are licensed, experienced and favorably reviewed.

According to SolarPowerRocks.com, a site that offers state-by-state information on solar power benefits such as rebates and tax credits, Hawaii’s high energy prices mean high savings and solar power likely pays off faster in Hawaii than anywhere else in the nation.

Now I’m curious which solar companies offer the best results. Feel free to chime in here or by email with reviews of all solar companies, not just the KumuKit.

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