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Are Tourists Snatching Up All the Good Rentals in Honolulu?

Airbnb on O‘ahu—a look at the numbers.


Active Airbnb rentals in Honolulu

Airbnb rentals are mainly centered in Waikīkī. Click here to see the full Map.
Photos: AirDNA


As 2017 opened, there were 3,027 active Airbnb rentals in Honolulu. One wonders: How would the long-term rental market be affected if all of these Airbnb units were in that pool instead? Fortunately, we’ve got a resource to help figure that out. The website AirDNA collects and analyzes data based on active Airbnb postings.


Of the 3,027 active listings, 1,406 are in regular use—they’ve got a minimum of 10 reviews. And about 2,290 of listers are renting out entire places, not just a room in a home or a shared space. One-bedrooms are the most common, with studios a close second. Which means that those looking for a place for the whole family are better off on VRBO.com.


Cumulative listings


No big surprise on where Airbnb rentals are centered: Waikīkī is a sea of red dots on the map provided by AirDNA. Beyond Waikīkī, the landscape changes a bit to shared spaces and private rooms being offered, which means the company seems less likely to be greatly affecting local people’s ability to rent entire apartments and homes beyond Waikīkī.


What about rental availability in Waikīkī? A look at Craigslist would imply that there’s still plenty for the local folks who like to live among the tourists, hotels and nightlife—with 424 rentals posted in the housing section (generally long-term private rentals)—the most of any area in Honolulu.



Photo: Craigslist


Want to see what’s getting booked? Here are the top five listings in Honolulu, per AirDNA: 

  1. Hawaiian Getaway with an Ocean View

  2. Easy Walk to UH; Queen Bed, Bathroom

  3. The Heart Studio of Waikīkī

  4. Panoramic Ocean View Cottage

  5. Spacious Studio with Gorgeous Views


Find out more about Airbnb’s impact on Hawai‘i here




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