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Apps for the new year


The Pacific Telecommunications Council is holding its annual conference in Honolulu this week, and one of the topics—as always—is the growth of smartphone use and consumers using more broadband networks to send and receive data. The geekiness has inspired me to talk about a couple of real estate-related apps for your smartphone, which are fun for realtors as well as house-hunters.

Home Snap. This can be a little creepy, depending on how people use it, but it’s useful, as well. After you take a photo of a home, this free app unlocks information about it from public records or listing websites. According to reviews, it’s helpful in exploring and comparing homes as you go about your search for a new home. (Hint to the Pachecos.)

Money talk: Free
Available for iPhones and iPads. Android version coming soon.

Photo Measures. How many of you carry a tape measure around? Not as many as those who carry a smartphone, I’m sure. When buying a home—especially if you already have art and furniture you can’t part with—it’s handy to be able to simply take a picture of a wall, room, floor, hallway or door and use your fingers to get an accurate measure of any given distance on the image. Sellers can also use this for prepping their home with staging materials, or to be able to spout off measurements to their agent when sellers ask for them.

Money talk: $4.99
Available for iPhones and iPads
Similar app for Androids, $4.99: My Measures

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