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Social media tips for realtors


I thought I should take a minute to address the avalanche of realtors who now follow me on Twitter, partly in thanks to social media trainer Nobu Hata. I think only 10 percent of the accounts have tweeted anything since the first week they were set up and, of those, maybe half take using social media seriously.

Social media is here to stay, folks. The question isn’t “Should I use it?” but “How engaged am I?” Here are some quick, basic tips to jumpstart your online presence.

Link your Facebook to your Twitter. I prefer to keep the two separate, but if you’re strapped for time, link it, so that whenever you post on Facebook, it pumps out a tweet. Just go to facebook.com/twitter to set it up. And yes, you need both.

Don’t talk about real estate all the time. If I look at your profile and all you’re doing is talking about real estate, I probably won’t follow your updates. Think of social media as a big, online cocktail party. When you’re at a party, do you really want to hang out with the person who is always talking about themselves or trying to sell you something? I didn’t think so.

The best realtors on social media post things about their lives: hobbies, food, friends and other personal interests. Every so often, they will post about their listings, articles on real estate, or just closing deals at the office, so you know they’re busy realtors. But most of all, they pay attention to what others are saying, take an interest and join in the conversation.

Start conversations. If you must talk about real estate, you might occasionally post a question to see who’s paying attention—and see what is important to your customers. You can ask things like: What was the first home you ever bought? What did you like best about your childhood home? If you could change one thing about your home, what would it be?

Use visuals. I previously talked about supplemental tools that push to Twitter and Facebook, like Instagram and Vine. People don’t really read anymore, not even the little bites of information on social media! Enhance your online conversations with visuals, as much as possible.

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