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Living large in Hauula


You see a lot of large lots in rural Oahu, since land is not as outrageously priced as it is in the urban core. Despite the size of the properties, most of the homes you’ll find are reflective of the casual country lifestyle.

This immense estate is one of several large, luxury properties from Hauula to Kahuku listed by realtor Choon James. (Click here for details.) Two acres is equal to two football fields without the end zones, and this beachfront lot is a bit larger than that, at 93,698 square feet.

Although there’s a three-car garage, you could have guests park anywhere, since the property is so huge. I’m guessing this would be ideal for a corporate retreat, since the dining room easily seats 16 people.

The living room is described as “big enough to host Dancing With The Stars,” but the panoramic view to the ocean makes it seem like you’re dancing under the stars, if you do so at night.

The single-level home spans 5,641 square feet and has five bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. It features Island motifs and moss rock on the outside, and hardwood floors, travertine and designer finishes on the inside. It’s just four years old, so the modern touches are designed to look rustic in hopes of blending in with the rural surroundings.

Money talk: $3,600,000 fee simple
Contact: Choon James, CJ Real Estate International, 808-293-9111, ChoonJamesHawaii@gmail.com

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