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Trail Mix: Sen. Brian Schatz Pulls Into the Lead

Each week, HONOLULU Magazine’s political team compiles a mix of observations about Hawaii politics.

How to Look Like a Winner When Running for Hawaii Political Office

Image isn’t everything, but it can help candidates build credibility and likeability.

Who Wants to Be Hawaii’s No. 2 Politician?

The Democratic primary race for lieutenant governor draws powerful senator, former TV reporter and the guy who’s got the job.

Trail Mix: Is New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s Aiona Endorsement “Good News for Hawaii’s Voters”?

Observations about Hawaii politics.

Unavoidable for Comment: Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Wants You to Know She Watched a Missile Test—on TV

We take a look at political folks frequently found in the media spotlight—very frequently.

What Else Does Your Hawaii Lawmaker Do For a Living?

Hawaii’s part-time legislators find a diverse set of other occupations.

Trail Mix: Notes from the Hawaii Campaign Trail

These interesting bits are often not worth a full story, but we don’t want to keep them to ourselves, either. Here’s your Trail Mix for this week.

14 Hawaii Candidates Running Unopposed — Want to Challenge Them?

How many candidates will win in Hawaii without a fight? It’s up to you.

Hawaii’s Resign-to-Run Law: Why Some Candidates Must Resign, But Others Don’t

So why do some candidates have to resign to run?

Hawaii Political Races to Watch: Can State Sen. Clayton Hee Become the Next Lt. Governor?

The HONOLULU Magazine political team can now project the Democratic primary for lieutenant governor will go— from snooze fest to a race to watch.

How Does Political Public Opinion Polling Work in Hawaii?

A crash course in Hawaii political polling with Ward Research's Becki Ward.

CNN Calls Hawaii 'The State That Doesn't Vote,' But What If That Changed?

Getting Hawaii out of the registered voter basement.


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