Hanabusa vs. Schatz Rematch: Play Senate Debate Bingo Again

Improve your viewing of the Hanabusa-Schatz face-off tonight by picking phrases that you expect to hear during the debate.


Tonight is the third and final debate match-up between Sen. Brian Schatz and U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa. If we’re using the previous debates as a guide, expect a few fireworks and maybe even a couple of props (Hanabusa whipped out a photo of Schatz with Gov. Neil Abercrombie and produced a strategy memo from the Schatz campaign during Tuesday night’s debate).

Once again, we’re providing you with a blank bingo card and a revised list of buzz words and phrases to pick from (you’ll notice some of these phrases come straight from the previous face-offs between the two candidates). Choose 24 words or phrases to fill your card with. As usual, the center block is a free space. First one to yell Bingo wins. Feel free to social-media shout bingo on our Facebook at facebook.com/honolulumag or here in the comments.

Click here to download the bingo card
Design: Maria Lieber


  1. Inouye’s legacy

  2. (any gratuitous name dropping)

  3. On the backs of our kupuna

  4. Dance partner

  5. Slippery slope

  6. President Obama

  7. Abercrombie-Schatz administration

  8. What were you thinking?

  9. In my two terms in Congress …

  10. You have to read the bills

  11. Politicians have a tendency to make campaigns about themselves

  12. Scaring the kupuna

  13. THE Letter

  14. Any mention of a Dan or Daniel

  15. Keiki

  16. Gas Station

  17. Waianae

  18. Dying Wish

  19. Punahou School

  20. That’s a great question

  21. Bipartisan

  22. Hawaii values

  23. Minority in a mintory

  24. I humbly ask for your vote.

  25. (audible sigh)

  26. Pivot to Asia-Pacific

  27. Any use of a prop

  28. Kupuna

  29. Any mention of a former governor

  30. (Well that was awkward)

  31. Compare our records

  32. Any mention of a committee

  33. Social Security

  34. I’ve been effective

  35. Domestic surveillance

  36. I’m ready for Hilary

  37. Local values

  38. Any mention of age or longevity

  39. I’m a happy warrior

  40. Standing up for the middle class


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