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Monday, December 28, 2009

Oldest Grumble in the Book

I went to the movies this weekend and—SPOILER ALERT!—got gouged.  Well, I guess that ending is no surprise, people have been grumbling about the cost of going to movies for years.  But Saturday night I went to see Up in the Air at Consolidated Ward Theatres and it was my first time noticing that two tickets will set you back $21 instead of the familiar $20. Twenty dollars was probably too much, too, but at least it was convenient because it matched the bills my ATM hands out.

Then, in a plot twist I wouldn’t have guessed in a million years, I got gouged at the concession, too! Yes, yes, that’s second oldest complaint about going to the movies. But prices must have gone up there, too, because a hot dog, small popcorn and a bottle of water weighed in at $13.75, more than I remember ever paying.

Consolidated, I don’t mind paying for quality, but your popcorn was cold and stale and issued forth from a concession stand that looked as if it hadn’t been swept in a week. I don’t mind paying for quantity, but why is it that nearly $5 worth of Coke would’ve been handed to me in a barrel while nearly $5 worth of bottled water yielded what looks like the smallest bottle of water packaged for individual resale?

I don’t even mind a certain amount of gouging. We’re all adults here, and, Consolidated, we both know that you’ve got what I need, where I need it, when I need it and that I’m willing to put up with a certain amount of abuse to get it. But these new prices? Now you’re just being insulting.

Netflix has been flirting with me for years. Winking at me from Web sites, even sending Valentine-red offers right to my mailbox, no matter how many times I turn it down. The offer is sounding pretty tempting now.

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