Get Smart: How To Do Everything Better in Honolulu (and Beyond)


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You, dear reader, are a sharp cookie. We know that. Still, there’s always a better “you” out there. Someone who can work better, whip up a tastier meal or even rock harder at karaoke. Start with any one of these 32 local classes or tips and see what happens. We won’t tell anyone how you became so awesome.

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Give a Great Speech

Public speaking coach Pam Chambers has been helping nervous speakers since 1985, curing sweaty palms and stagefright. Here are some of her tips for shining at the podium:

1) Believe in yourself. Trust that what you have to say will help at least one person in the audience.

2) Respect your audience. The alternative is to fear it, and that’s not useful.

3) If you begin shaking or trembling, grab the seat of your chair and pull as hard as you can. If you are already standing, dig your toes into the floor for several seconds. This releases excess energy from the adrenaline rush.

4) Make eye contact with friendly faces in the audience for two to three seconds. Don’t gaze over your listeners’ heads.

5) Throw out a few questions during the talk for audience interaction.

Public speaking classes, Oct. 10-Dec. 19, 6-8:30 p.m., $450-$495,,

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Finally Get That MBA

For many professionals, an MBA may be crucial to advancing in your career. On the other hand, dropping out of work for a few years to get one isn’t going to help. UH has a solution: an executive or part-time MBA course geared toward people with demanding jobs. Working professionals can get an executive MBA in less than two years by attending class every Tuesday and alternating Saturdays. There’s an evening schedule, so you can head over to class straight from work. You can apply online, but this is a serious graduate degree; you will need to submit college transcripts, GMAT scores and a few more things. The full application checklist is at


Have a Plan for Serious Disasters

Hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes—any natural disaster that damages our ports could leave the Island stranded for as long as a week, nearly twice as long as if a similar disaster struck a Mainland city, according to the Hawaii Red Cross. Be prepared, at home and at work (where it’s entirely possible you may be stuck with your colleagues, huddled under desks, for days. Long, long days.)

1) For businesses, Red Cross Hawaii offers the web-based Ready Rating program, which can help you assess how prepared you are, develop a business continuity plan and position your business to be able to help others during a crisis.

2) For families, Red Cross recommends making a family communications plan, assembling a kit of nonperishable food and other disaster supplies to last a week (kits are available through the Red Cross) and getting basic first-aid training in advance.

3) CPR skills can make you a hero even in the best of weather. CPR Class, Hawaii Red Cross, $70-$110.00,, 739-8123.

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