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October 2012


October issue

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“Welcome Back, Ben?” July 2012

We sat down for a long-format Q&A with former governor and current mayoral candidate Ben Cayetano. Along with explaining his opposition to rail, he weighed in on the “De-Occupy Honolulu” encampment at Thomas Square, saying, “I think they made their point … and they’ve been there too long … have them go clean the parks or something.”

Ben has obviously been misinformed on what our Honolulu movement’s solidarity with New York is truly about. The reason we are still there is because we are making it crystal clear that the greedy, selfish and careless economic endeavors that brought us to the point of collapse shall never happen again, dammit, enough is enough. The human race has failed to learn from the past for the last time. That obviously requires a group of strong and determined individuals who are willing to stand in the face of greed’s oppression for however long it takes to drive it home. The system in its current form is the problem, and self-sustainability is one of our philosophies, not mooching. Personally, I work my tail off and pay my taxes and it’s rather insulting and disappointing to hear such a well-educated man spout the same, lame, generalizing, “get a job” comments that come from people who have never stopped to actually talk to us.

—D’angelo McIntyre
Honolulu, Hawaii

“Kalaupapa Memories,” August 2012

In this photo essay, we showcased a selection of black and white portraits of Kalaupapa‘s population of Hansen’s disease patients, shot by photographer Wayne Levin in the 1980s.

Oh, the memories! When I was a young boy, our kumu Kalei O'Calvey took us to dance hula for the patients in 1979. We cleaned the graveyard and church and performed in the Hall. The people of Kalaupapa cooked us a great luau for our deeds. Wonderful memories :) My mother, Bobbin Fasone, also took many patients on tour with her when she was a tour escort in the ’70s and ’80s.

—Don Fasone
Waimanalo, Hawaii
(Via facebook)

Pictured in the first photo is my grandmother’s brother and my granduncle, William Malakaua, also known as Uncle Sonny. Stricken with Hansen’s disease, he lived at Kalaupapa for as long as I knew. When Uncle Sonny passed away in 1994, Lei Hulu featuring Kimo Keaulana, Uncle Joe Keaulana and Noe Kimi Buchanan flew to Kalaupapa to play at his memorial service. The patients were so appreciative to have authentic Hawaiian music played especially for them. In this photo, Uncle Sonny looks like my grandmother.

—Lee Puakeala Mann
Honolulu, Hawaii
(Via facebook)

(Ahana koko lele)

In our July story “Holy Hot Spots,” on unconventional church locations, we misspelled the name of Innovative Concepts Church pastor Daven Hee.


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