October 2006


Tough Jobs [Somebody's Got To Do It]

The first challenge in compiling a list of tough jobs is defining what makes a job tough—and that, it turns out, is highly subjective.

9 Ways to Save the Democratic Party

How can Hawai‘i’s majority pick itself up after falling so far?

Healthy Bones, Healthy Bodies

A Honolulu-based doctor shares her tips for keeping bones strong—whether you’re 30 or 90.


Music Review

Various Artists, Mana Maoli, Vol. II And III, Mana Maoli

By the Numbers


Ironman competitor John Dermengian

Healthy Cities

Honolulu has an Achilles heel—its economy.

Tropical Stylings

Local designers team up with Bono.

Homey Advice

Use It or Lose It

We’re so concerned with spreading democracy to other countries, but can’t be bothered to use it here at home.

Parks for Rent?

As the state moves toward public/private partnerships, Malaekahana will serve as a test.

Our Town: Look familiar?

A local bank building models after the state capitol, or does it?

The Arts: Crème de la Screen

For movie buffs, October is the most wonderful time of the year.

Manoa to Pigs: Drop Dead!

Manoa Residents have more to worry about than just rising property taxes—they’ve got pigs. Here’s what they’re aiming to do about it.

From Our Files | October

HONOLULU Magazine and Paradise of the Pacific, chronicling the Islands since 1888.

Ready for Prime Time?

For 100 years, Filipinos have been a major part of Hawai‘i. Is it time for their cuisine to go mainstream?

Scene: Lounge Lizard

The Dragon Upstairs is Hank’s Café’s jazz-filled, martini-swilling alter ego.

Letters | October

Clipping Service

Bleak Chic

Gothic fun for grownups this Halloween.

Environment: Wiliwili Trees Under Attack

A mysterious wasp is spreading through Hawai‘i.

A Hawaiian-style scooter rally