October 2006


Tough Jobs [Somebody's Got To Do It]

The first challenge in compiling a list of tough jobs is defining what makes a job tough—and that, it turns out, is highly subjective.

9 Ways to Save the Democratic Party

How can Hawai‘i’s majority pick itself up after falling so far?

Healthy Bones, Healthy Bodies

A Honolulu-based doctor shares her tips for keeping bones strong—whether you’re 30 or 90.


Letters to the Editor: Letters | October


Ironman competitor John Dermengian

Calabash: Our Town: Look familiar?

A local bank building models after the state capitol, or does it?

Calabash: Parks for Rent?

As the state moves toward public/private partnerships, Malaekahana will serve as a test.

Calabash: Use It or Lose It

We’re so concerned with spreading democracy to other countries, but can’t be bothered to use it here at home.

Calabash: Homey Advice

Calabash: Tropical Stylings

Local designers team up with Bono.

Calabash: Scene: Lounge Lizard

The Dragon Upstairs is Hank’s Café’s jazz-filled, martini-swilling alter ego.

Calabash: Environment: Wiliwili Trees Under Attack

A mysterious wasp is spreading through Hawai‘i.

Calabash: Music Review

Various Artists, Mana Maoli, Vol. II And III, Mana Maoli

Calabash: By the Numbers

Calabash: Clipping Service

Calabash: Bleak Chic

Gothic fun for grownups this Halloween.

Calabash: A Hawaiian-style scooter rally

Calabash: The Arts: Crème de la Screen

For movie buffs, October is the most wonderful time of the year.

Calabash: Manoa to Pigs: Drop Dead!

Manoa Residents have more to worry about than just rising property taxes—they’ve got pigs. Here’s what they’re aiming to do about it.

Dining: Ready for Prime Time?

For 100 years, Filipinos have been a major part of Hawai‘i. Is it time for their cuisine to go mainstream?

From Our Files: From Our Files | October

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