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36 Small Victories for Locals That Make Us Feel Lucky We Live Honolulu

How many of these have you accomplished?


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Daniel Dae Kim

Running into Daniel Dae Kim is always a plus.
Photo: Diane Lee


1. Moving out of your parents’ house by age 30


2. Filling up a full tank of gas for less than $30


3. Finding street parking in Chinatown

  • Or Kaimukī

  • Or on King Street


4. Seeing a commercial for a restaurant or special deal that actually applies here ($5 foot-long? Yeah, right)


5. When co-workers bring back Trader Joe’s omiyage from the Mainland


6. Not getting weird tan lines after a few hours in the sun


Tan lines

Images: Giphy


7. Getting to work in less than an hour


8. Grabbing lunch for less than $10


9. Making it to the top of Koko Crater


Koko Crater

Photo: Thinkstock


10. Remembering where you parked at Ala Moana Center


11. Finding online stores that will ship to Hawai‘i for free

  • Or ship to Hawai‘i at all

  • And not take three weeks to get here


12. Running into Daniel Dae Kim


13. Walking into a restaurant without reservations and being seated immediately


14. Scoring a limited-edition Acacia swimsuit before they all sell out


Acacia swimsuit

Photo: Courtesy of Acacia 


15. Finding a sunrise shell on the beach


16. Scoring cheap airline tickets


17. Dating someone none of your friends has dated


18. Having a good hair day (in this humidity?)


Rihanna hair


19. Makeup staying on point (in this humidity?)


20. Not having to stand in line for shave ice


21. Getting caught in a sudden downpour and actually having your umbrella with you


22. Wearing a skirt or dress without flashing anyone when those tradewinds pick up


Marilyn Monroe skirt


23. Not wearing the same Reyn Spooner shirt as everyone else at a work function


24. Remembering to ask for a kama‘āina discount on your Dole Whip


25. Going somewhere without running into anyone you know


26. Not hitting every pothole (just most of them)


27. When a musician you like actually comes to Hawai‘i

  • And scoring tickets before they sell out

Harry Potter gif


28. Finding your cousin at graduation


29. Having enough lei at graduation


30. Leaving a potluck without taking half of it home with you


31. Not getting your ‘OluKais stolen after a house party


32. Getting the last combo plate at Helena’s


33. Having cash on you at mom-and-pop shops


Tina Fey high five


34. Remembering your reusable bags for the farmers market


35. Spotting someone you know on TV in the crowd at a UH game


36. Merging eastbound on the H-1 from University Avenue


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