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18 Reasons We Love Hawai‘i Fashion

From chic beachware and bold, nature-inspired prints to cool collabs and fresh spins on sartorial traditions, here are 18 reason we’re crazy about Hawai‘i fashion.


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No. 8: Our Island Hot Pot 

Hawai‘i’s unique mix of cultures results in some of the most photogenic, exotically beautiful people in the world, as evidenced by this roundup of ridiculously good-looking Island models. 


Austin Kino 

Agency: Premier Models and Talent
Hometown: Wailupe
Ethnicity: Hawaiian, Portuguese, Sioux, Caucasian 
Sea Star: “I’ve been an apprentice on the Hōkūle‘a for 10 years now. I love sailing in the wake of my ancestors.”

Malia Murphey

Agency: Premier Models and Talent
Hometown: North Shore
Ethnicity: Filipino, Portuguese, Spanish, Irish 
Beachy Keen: “Surfing is my escape. The most exotic spot I’ve surfed was in Panama, the sets were small and the water was beautiful and glassy.” 


Agency: Kathy Muller Talent and Modeling Agency
Hometown: Wailuku
​Ethnicity: Korean, Portuguese, Hawaiian, Filipino, Scottish, Irish 
Guns and Poses: “I’ve been getting into guns and going to the range. I’m planning to get one of those small semi-automatics, like in James Bond.”

Mahina Garcia

Agency: Niche Models and Talent
Hometown: North Shore
Ethnicity: Hawaiian, Chinese, German, Dutch, French, African-American, Filipino, Native American
Pretty Cool:  “My first non-modeling job was at Aoki’s. We would get free shave ice every day. Li hing mui with ice cream was my favorite.”

Momoko Metzker 

Agency: Kathy Muller Talent and Modeling Agency
Hometown: Hawai‘i Kai
Ethnicity: Japanese, Dutch, Irish, English, Swedish, Swiss 
Triple Threat: “I recently attempted my first biathlon, and came in first in my age category. Next year my goal is to enter the Na Wāhine triathalon.”

Devon Ferguson

Agency: Larson Talent Hawai‘i 
Hometown: Kailua 
Ethnicity: Japanese, Okinawan, Latvian 
Fresh Air:
“I just joined the Hawai‘i Air Guard. I’ll be flying the KC135, a tanker that refuels planes mid-air.”  

Daniella Abe 

Agency: Premier Models and Talent
Hometown: Kāhala
Ethnicity: English, Japanese 
Animal House: “I have a lot of exotic pets, including a chinchilla, an Italian greyhound, a corgie-golden retriever mix and a hairless cat named E.T.”

Allison Chu 

Agency: Wilhelmina Hawai‘i    
Ethnicity: Chinese, Spanish, Native American, French, Polish
The Voice: “I’m a classically trained opera singer and work as a part-time wedding singer. Most requested songs? ‘Hawaiian Wedding Song’ and ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’.”



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