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Hiking Book Comparison Chart










The Hikers Guide to Oahu
87 hikes, 50 of them in great detail
Driving directions and even the bus route, but be warned for hikes outside of Honolulu, you will often read: “Bus: None, within reasonable walking distance of the trailhead”
Detailed description of hiking route and a narrative section that covers points of interest and major hazards with short notes about plants you’ll come across
Midsection with colored photos
With a topographic map for each hike this book definitely has the best maps
Challenging and obscure hikes only a locals would know about
Hikers Guide to the Hawaiian Islands
Day Hikes on Oahu
Driving directions
Clear hiking directions, with a brief summary mentioning flora and fauna
Simple maps, which are almost useless, but it often explains where you can find free detailed maps
Day Hikes on Kauai, Day Hikes on Maui, Day Hikes in Hawaii

Oahu Trails

Driving and bus routes
Vibrant descriptions of vegetation and Hawaiian legends about the area
Occasional simple topographical maps or an explanation of where you can find free maps
B&W photos of views, highlights, and plants
Tips about weather and permits
Kauai Trails, Maui Trails, Hawaii Trails,

Oahu Trailblazer

114 (including urban walking tours); 37 snorkeling spots and 100 surf spots
Driving directions and parking recommendations
Detailed description of hike with warnings and information on plants
Black and white photos
Mentions nearby snorkeling, surfing, as well as walking tours
Kauai Trailblazer, Maui Trailblazer, Hawaii the Big Island Trailblazer

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Dec 3, 2008 11:01 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

My standby is the Oahu Trailblazer. This book has more hikes than all the rest and goes a little further by including beaches and snorkeling locations. I've owned this guide for 3 years and still haven't run out of places I want to see. I consider this by far the best hiking book of all and by the way, it includes good trail locator maps. Mahalo for your research.

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