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The Liljestrand House, designed by architect Vladimir Ossipoff, is one of Honolulu’s nine greatest houses. Find out which other homes made this list on page 54.
Photo: Olivier Koning

50 Essential Hawai‘i Books

Need something to read—or hand to someone who does? Here’s HONOLULU’s first-ever list of the most iconic, trenchant and irresistible Island books, as voted by a panel of literary community luminaries.

by don wallace


9 Greatest Honolulu Houses

Stunning, historic, extraordinary. HONOLULU Magazine asked a diverse group to help us choose the greatest houses on O‘ahu. Join us as we look inside nine notable head-turning homes.

by robbie dingeman


This Is Real(tor) Life

Messy monks, high-flying dogs and risqué pool parties—eight Hawai‘i real-estate agents share their most memorable stories.

by jayna omaye


The 2018 Homebuyers’ Guide

We present a guide to the top agents and brokers in real estate. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, refinance or insure a home, this is a great place to find expert help; the professionals listed here are at the top of their field.




In the Islands, skateboarding has grown increasingly popular among youths, and they’re the ones driving change at public skate parks across O‘ahu.



May Picks

Meet award-winning authors, catch candy from a remote-controlled plane, solve a murder mystery and more.

BY Marisa Heung


Flower Power

Celebrate plants, fabulous floral design and a gardener named May.

By Robbie Dingeman


Da Meter

Gauging what’s hot and what’s not in Honolulu.



Ramped Up

Young skateboarders are rolling out efforts to upgrade O‘ahu’s skate parks.

By Jayna Omaye


Mililani Proud

Quote Unquote: Mililani High football star McKenzie Milton

interview By Robbie Dingeman


Field Notes: Heavy Metal

Field Notes explores Honolulu’s vast and varied scenes and subcultures. This month: Steampunk Hawai‘i.

By James Charisma



If the Mu‘u Fits

A month of mu‘umu‘u, bitchin’ shades and a day in the life of award-winning photographer Tommy Shih.

by stacey makiya



Work Wonders

Upgrade your workspace with smart accessories and fun accents.

by brie thalmann


Ono: Food and Dining

Stepping Up to the Plates

How hotels feed the masses and, in turn, sustain the local food industry.

by catherine toth fox




Filling your time—and shelves—with books is a longtime HONOLULU habit.

by alyson helwagen


Editor’s Page: Housewarming

Why I’m still apologizing to my real estate agent.



Afterthoughts: The Regulars

Riding the bus has its perks.

by katrina valcourt


From Our Files

HONOLULU Magazine and Paradise of the Pacific—chronicling the Islands since 1888. 

by savannah l. murray


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9 Greatest Honolulu Homes

Great Homes

Stunning, historic, extraordinary.


Can the Mainland Do Poke Right? Do We Want Them To?​


Martha Cheng, author of The Poke Cookbook and former line, talks about how a New York City publisher decided Hawai‘i’s favorite pūpū was for everybody.


50 Essential Hawai‘i Books You Should Read in Your Lifetime


The most iconic, trenchant and irresistible island books, as voted by a panel of literary community luminaries.


Everything You Need to Know About Local Fruit in Hawai‘i


Fruits are part of our history and culture, a way for us to feel connected to our community.



A Local’s Guide to Buying Reef-Safe Sunscreen


Five Hawai‘i brands have created reef-safe sunscreens that are safe for your ʻohana and the ocean. 

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