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Best in Real Estate Hawai‘i 2018 Fast Facts

Best Real Estate 2018


  • San Francisco County in California had the highest median home value in 2017: $1,087,599. O‘ahu’s median home value was $755,000.

  • In June 2017, the record was set for the highest median home sale price on O‘ahu: $795,000.

  • Prospective Realtors must complete 60 hours of education before taking a final exam for their licenses.

  • The most expensive home sold on O‘ahu last year was at Park Lane in Kaka‘ako. The condo sold for $22 million.

  • There were 575 condos sold in Hawai‘i in August 2017—the most since August 2006 (580).

  • In 2017, 87 percent of Hawai‘i buyers and 89 percent of sellers used an agent.

  • The number of single-family homes resold on O‘ahu increased 6.3 percent in the past year, from 3,678 to 3,908.


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