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These 6 People Will Bring Mobile Services to Your Door

These days, just about every service comes in a mobile truck version. You may never have to leave your house again!


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Corinne Dudoit’s papers are in order.

808 Mobile Notary 

As a high-end, go-anywhere notary public and certified loan signing agent, Corinne Dudoit is all about discretion. She’s used to working with celebrities, banks and high-profile business executives. Once, she even helped close a big transaction for a visiting king—whom she naturally declines to identify. She has also helped a private detective try to convince his homeless client to accept a large inheritance, but she doesn’t want to talk about the details. There’s that discretion again.


You could say Dudoit is continuing a family tradition. In 2009, she founded 808 Mobile Notary, taking over a business her mother had built over many years. And by combining the services of both a notary public and a certified loan-signing agent, she’s been able to steadily grow the clientele she inherited from her mom. 


Dudoit’s business has two parts. First, as a notary public, she goes wherever her clients ask to officially notarize legal documents, such as a power of attorney. Second, as a certified loan-signing agent, Dudoit helps clients complete legal transactions, like mortgages and other kinds of contracts. Mobility is key, and Dudoit is available anytime, anywhere. Sometimes, they pay for her to go the neighbor islands or even the Mainland to complete a transaction.


“My emphasis,” she says, “is on making the process as easy and convenient as possible.”


722-5985, 808mobilenotary.com



Matt Choy and Derek Stevens think you could use a drink.

A Movable Toast 

Have you ever thrown a shindig and realized just how sparse your drink selection is? You could either start assembling your own Don-Draper-esque liquor collection—an expensive proposition—or you could just get a couple of bartenders to handle things for you.


Derek Stevens and Matt Choy started their company, Free Spirits Mobile Bartenders, in 2013, after they noticed that, in normal venues, people could never quite create the event they envisioned. Free Spirits’ motto, on the other hand, is to never say no. If you want a Star-Wars-themed party, Stevens and Choy can do that, complete with costumes and custom drinks. And, because they are mobile, they can bring the party wherever you want.


Just as important, they offer a full range of event services, including setup and break down. “We just did a birthday party for 20 people at a private home,” Stevens says. “On the same day, we did Art After Dark, with just a two-hour turn around.”


This kind of flexibility, of course, only comes with experience. Both Choy and Stevens have opened hotels, managed bars and worked in nightclubs, and they look for that same level of experience in their staff. As Choy points out, “Our greenest, newest guy has been bartending in both hotels and restaurants for three years.”


Free Spirits has grown fast, Choy says. “We started out working with Street Grindz, doing Eat the Street and Night Market. Then we expanded to little corporate parties at Bishop Museum, the Aquarium and other venues. As the word got out about us, people realized there was a service out there that was both affordable and a little bit different.” 


That sounds like the makings of a pretty good party.


554-7096, fsmobilebartenders.com




The Cure for the Morning After 

Have you ever had a vicious hangover that wouldn’t quit? Sure, you could take ibuprofen and hide in bed all day, or you could solve the problem in just half an hour with the help of Edward Campbell, Hangover Doctor. Campbell is a real M.D., a registered anesthesiologist who works in hospital ORs as well  as the private offices of plastic surgeons and dentists. As a mobile hangover doctor, he can come to your house and give you an intravenous drip to quickly rehydrate and nourish your booze-beaten body. It’s a treatment that’s already popular with partygoers in New York and Las Vegas.


“It’s much better to get your vitamins through an IV,” Campbell says, “because they’re processed by the body more efficiently than when you take them orally.”


“The Hangover Doctor” is a sexy tagline, but alcohol-related pain isn’t the only thing that Campbell treats. His clients range from athletes, including MMA fighters, to movie stars seeking perfect health, to regular people who are just feeling lousy because of the flu, or food poisoning, or frequent travel. Depending on the treatment, a session can take between 25 and 45 minutes. Campbell’s IV therapy is also useful for patients who have an illness or are going through chemotherapy, although this isn’t a significant portion of his business because it takes a lot of coordination with a patient’s primary care doctor and oncologist.


The magic of an IV treatment will cost you between $199 and $349, depending on how much fun you had the night before, but if you’ve ever had the morning from hell, a speedy fix may feel more than worth it.


(860) 375-3379, hawaiihangoverdoctor.com



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