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Documenting a Day in the Life of Hawaii's Aloha United Way

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Each day in Hawaii more than a million people wake up to face another day of life in the islands. For some, that will mean getting kids off to school on time, heading to work, or venturing outdoors for fun.

While we live in one of the greatest places in the world, the truth is – life in paradise can be – and is – tough for thousands of people around us.  

Some struggle to provide for themselves or their families, too many homebound seniors face yet another day of loneliness and thousands of homeless suffer through depression and isolation as they fight to get back on their feet.  Fortunately, Aloha United Way is there to help.

JANUARY 22, 2014 started just like any other day in Hawaii. Except on this day, 26 of our state’s leading photographers set out across Oahu to show how YOUR donation to Aloha United Way changed a life that day. From providing food, shelter, support or counseling; it is amazing to see the impact we have when we give. The photographers visited dozens of Aloha United Way Partner Agencies on this same day and brought back powerful images that captured personal and sometimes emotional moments in people’s lives all made possible, in part, thanks to your donations to Aloha United Way.

We are grateful to the photographers who volunteered their time, talent and heart to bring you this special edition. And we are grateful to HONOLULU Magazine for making this possible and the Bank of Hawaii Foundation for embracing and funding this effort.  Aloha United Way is also very proud to be partnered with hundreds of local non-profit agencies doing this life-changing work everyday.  

This year Aloha United Way  celebrates our 95th year of serving  our local community. But we couldn’t do it without the help of over 1,300 companies that run workplace campaigns each year. And we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the generosity of tens of thousands of donors who give each year so that we can put millions back into our community to weave a safety net of support around those in need.

Together we are supporting  programs that touch hundreds of thousands of lives. As you look at the faces on these pages, try to imagine where these people would turn for help without that support. And know, that if you, or someone you love, should ever need support, thanks to your donation, it will be there. Thank you for partnering with Aloha United Way to positively impact lives today and for generations to come.

Kim Gennaula,
Aloha United Way
President & Chief Executive Officer



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A Day in the life of Aloha United Way is published by HONOLULU magazine, in partnership with Aloha United Way, May 2014. ©2014 by PacificBasin Communications, 1000 Bishop St., Suite 405, Honolulu, HI 96813.

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Stephen Guzman
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Kim Gennaula
Aloha United Way
President and Chief Executive Officer

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Aloha United Way
Marketing Director and Project Manager

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Contributing Editor

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