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Retirement: Planning & Living


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3. Consider the full continuum of care

15 Craigside

As you grow older, your needs will undoubtedly change, so it’s important to know what levels of care your future home may provide. “As a not-for-profit organization, we take care of our residents for life,” says Suzie Schulberg, chief operating officer of 15 Craigside, Honolulu’s newest continuing care retirement community. A member of the Arcadia family of companies, 15 Craigside provides independent living, assisted living, nursing care, special care for those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and end of life care. This means no matter how your needs change, you can be assured of care with 15 Craigside’s Guaranteed Lifetime Care plan.

“This enables the individual to know that no matter what the future may hold for them, they will never be asked to leave 15 Craigside, so long as they do not willfully deplete their assets,” Schulberg explains. This provides residents with a sense of security. “Peace of mind is priceless,” she says. “It’s comforting to them knowing they’re not a burden to their families.”

4. Change your concepts of retirement living

Thanks to recent changes and improvements in long-term care, many people are seeing the exciting new possibilities of assisted living. “Perhaps we can provide opportunities for people to find their passion, to explore it, and dismiss thoughts of limitations,” says Darlene Canto of Kahala Nui. “It’s a magical time in our residents’ lives, and we are doing everything possible to provide them with quality of life, dignity and respect.” Local retirement communities are joining a national movement to what’s called resident-centered care. “It gives the resident greater autonomy, and we really believe it’s healthier, more positive and more respectful. It’s a step toward empowering the resident to maintain their fullest potential.”

“It’s a magical time in our residents’ lives, and we are doing everything possible to provide them with quality of life, dignity and respect.”
—Darlene Canto, Kahala Nui

Kahala Nui


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