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“43 Things Every Local Must Do,” April 2011

Our cover featured actor Alex O’Loughlin, who stars in the new Hawaii Five-O. Getting a cameo on that kind of locally shot show seems compulsory for locals.

Your cover photo rocks! I made my first visit to Oahu in September 2010 to see the gorgeous cast of Hawaii Five-0 at the show’s premiere at Sunset on the Beach. I was not disappointed! Your island is beyond beautiful and I look forward to visiting again soon. So fun to revisit the great scenery each week on Hawaii Five-0.





“You are all on your way today, for a better tomorrow. Thank you for sharing your lives with us and your stories. Thanks for inspiring others!”

Read “A Degree of Homelessness,” in our April 2011 issue, available at honolulumagazine.com. In it, Victoria Wiseman profiled three Oahu students who refuse to let homelessness derail their plans for a college education.





“War Stories," April 2011

A. Kam Napier shared his thoughts on the new USS Arizona Memorial’s visitor center.

Your recent piece poorly described the new visitor center and missed an opportunity to inform residents about one of Hawaii’s most important historical landmarks.

The facility now boasts a state-of-the-art theater and a separate video teleconference center, both of which incorporate the latest technology. The museum displays numerous important historical artifacts that were previously in storage and not seen by the general public. The interactive displays and videos introduce a new element not previously available.

You glossed over one of the most important aspects of the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument, which is education. The education department is partnered with schools in 35 states. Through that partnership the schools are provided educational materials at no cost to the school. Through the Witness to History Videoconference Program, students are then able to complement their knowledge through live interaction with Pearl Harbor survivors and National Park Service staff and volunteers.

The new grounds are a significant improvement over the former site that greeted visitors. The waterfront park provides a sweeping view of Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial, as well as being a tranquil area where visitors can peacefully reflect upon the events, sacrifices and heroism of Dec. 7, 1941.


Feedback, April 2011

One reader questioned why Whole Foods won “Best Health Food Store,” in our March Best of HONOLULU. “When they sell cakes baked with white flour,  butter and loads of sugar…”

In response to Pascale Wajda’s letter, Whole Foods Market encourages healthy eating by providing nutritious choices to local shoppers. Our “Health Starts Here” program includes labeling products with nutritional value and where items were sourced, and a wide array of cooking classes and tours, all of which are offered free of charge.

Whole Foods Market offers something for everyone—from the vegan and locavore to those who are just starting to segue into healthy eating—at every price range.

We look forward to continuing to serve the community and share information and tips on how we can all eat healthier and happier.


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