May 2010


Grading the Public Schools: The 2010 Grades

Grading the Public Schools: The 2010 Grades

Once again, we've ranked more than 250 public schools across the state, using data from the state Department of Education. How does your school measure up?

The Maryland Lesson

The Maryland Lesson

Hawaii’s public schools clearly need to improve. We take a look at the No. 1 public education system in the nation, to see what success looks like. What can we learn from Maryland’s example?

Caught in Between

Caught in Between

Thousands of people are caring for their children and elderly parents simultaneously. Here are the stories of kamaaina who are coping with this challenge.

Bugs in the System

Bugs in the System

The next time you have maple syrup with your pancakes, thank the Bishop Museum's world-class entomology collection. Here's why.


Letters: Feedback

...on Hawaii 5-0, family court, and Hawaii's salaries.

Calabash: Why We Cover Public Schools The Way We Do

Some people in the public school establishment question why we are so critical of the schools. We answer some of those challenges here.

Calabash: Aloha, Lost!

Hawaii says “Aloha Oe” to the cast and crew of the ABC hit mystery series, Lost.

Our Town: Celebrations

The East West center turns 50 while the Honolulu Community College turns 90.

Food: C is for Community

There’s a new CSA box on the block.

Food: A Fresh Idea for Feeding the Hungry

Around Town: Things to do in May in Hawaii

This month celebrate Mom, watch a baby crawling contest, browse books by local authors or check out centuries old European lace.

At Home: Go With the Flow

Self-watering, self-fertilizing and small, aquaponic gardens are ideal for island living.

Shopping: Shine On

Honolulu goldsmith Jason Dow is gaining international recognition, winning a 2010 Saul Bell Design Award.

Music Review: CD Reviews: The Throwdowns and Linus

Reviews of albums, Don't Slow Down and White Marks on a White Wall.

Books: Queen of Green

Saving Earth through simple everyday choices.

Books: One in a Million

Kaui Hart Hemmings beat the literary odds.

Entertainment: Field Guide: Fresh Ideas for Pau Hana

Instead of hitting the bar after work, why not try something new? We found five relaxing pau hana happenings.

Entertainment: Birth of a Tradition

The Na Hoku O Hawaii Music Festival will debut this May.

Sports: Taking Aim

Once dominated by a macho image, archery is turning into a family-friendly sport.

Environment: On the Move

Nene are doing so well on Kauai, some may be moved to help repopulate other islands.

Dining: Dining: Eat, Memory

Sometimes the newer the restaurants are, the more familiar they seem.

From Our Files

May archives

Afterthoughts: Afterthoughts: Shipping of Fools

Mankind has walked on the moon. Cured polio. Created incredible technologies, from the printing press to the Internet. But still, we cannot ship a cardboard box to Hawaii.