Field Guide: Waialua Sugar Mill


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Photo: David Croxford

38 Print

Ian Anderson, owner of 38 Print, has been creating decals and signs locally since the early 1990s and has been in the mill for eight years. “When I moved in, I was actually asked by Dole to print a sign advertising the commercial space for rent,” says Anderson, adding that he still has the sign in his store.

He’s also made decals for Frank Fasi’s and Mayor Mufi Hannemann’s campaigns, North Shore businesses such as Cholo’s and Haleiwa Joe’s, as well as the popular “Keep the North Shore Country,” bumper stickers. Anderson and his staff also print surfboard laminates for surfboard shapers and glassers. 637-2596.

Photo: David Croxford

Farmers' Market

The small Saturday farmers’ market is a great excuse for a weekend venture in the Waialua Sugar Mill. About 16 tables along the mill’s front parking lot gate cram in fresh local produce, flowers and lunch items. From 8:30 a.m. until noon, the market offers apple bananas, papayas, assorted greens, tomatoes, garlic and taro, as well as fresh bird of paradise, heliconias and potted plants. Some of the vendors are part of the Waialua Farmers’ Cooperative, which was founded by former sugar mill employees when the mill closed. Buy Thai food or a roasted huli huli chicken for lunch.


North Shore Soap Factory

(Hawaiian Bath and Body)

Photo: David Croxford

What started off as a small operation in their home has turned into an international and wholesale business for Debora and Jerry Driscoll. “They started off selling handmade soaps at craft fairs,” says Shanell Grilho, the store’s retail manager. In 2004 they opened Hawaiian Bath and Body in the Waialua Sugar Mill’s Bagasse Bin, a cone-shaped building that once held bagasse, the fiber that remains after sugar cane is processed. The bagasse was burned and released through a smoke stack at the mill.

The soap factory sells 10,000 bars of soap a month at $5.49 each. “We use kukui, macadamia nut, coconut, soybean, olive and palm oils,” says Grilho. The process takes six weeks, and all the work, from pouring the soap mixtures, cutting them into bars with guitar strings, and packaging them, is done in-house. The shop also carries lotions, oils, lip balms, and body scrubs and washes. 637-8400.


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