May 2005


Act 51: Can It Save The Public Schools?

The legislature passed a bill “reinventing” the public schools. Now some of the town’s most powerful business executives are trying to make it work.

High School: An Inside Story

High School: An Inside Story

Honolulu Magazine associate editor Ronna Bolante goes to Moanalua High School for a week, to go to classes, to meet the teachers and espcially the students.


Letters to the Editor: Letters

Letters to the Editor, May 2005

Q+A: Q + A, Robbie "Flash" Hansen

As promotions and marketing director of the Wave Waikiki for the past seven years, Flash, 32, keeps that nightclub jumping. As an independent promoter, his twice-monthly Skyline parties have...

Shopping: Hip Moms

Five different great gift ideas for Mother's Day.

Our Town: Our Town: Lewers Lounge

Michael Keany reviews Lewers Lounge in Waikiki.

Education: Meeting of the Minds

East-West Philosophers’ Conference convenes in Honolulu to discuss “Educations and Their Purposes"

Food: Clean Your Greens

Entertainment: What Happened at the Grammys?

The Grammys finally gave their first award for a Hawaiian Music Album. So why are so many Island musicians unhappy?

Entertainment: Martin Denny: 1911–2005

Hawaii's piano music legend Martin Denny dies.

Entertainment: Writing the Surf

Michael McPherson, poet surfer, writes a book about Hawaii surfing

Entertainment: Recommended

Recommended media, May 2005. Randall Yee recommends John Grisham’s The Broker. Dennis Hokama recommends Mystic River. Byron Yasui recommends Kupaianaha by Manuakepa

Environment: Up to our eyeballs?

Honolulu City and County is in the hole for $3 billion for the Waikiki Beautification Project

Dining: Dining: Upscale Asian

Dining review of E&O Trading Co., Shokudo and Shanghai Bistro

From Our Files

From Our Files, May 2005

Afterthoughts: Afterthoughts: Strange Lessons

Editor's Page: Editor's Page: A Real Education

A look at the executive heads running the schools, and the headlines surrounding the situation.