Name Rank District
Wailupe Valley Elementary 23 Honolulu
Lunalilo Elementary 31 Honolulu
Liliuokalani Elementary 193 Honolulu
Lincoln Elementary 143 Honolulu
Fern Elementary 250 Honolulu
Kalihi Kai Elementary 197 Honolulu
Hawaiiaii Centralter for the Deaf and the Blind 5 Honolulu
Hahaione Elementary 29 Honolulu
Maemae Elementary 7 Honolulu
Kaahumanu Elementary 129 Honolulu
Palolo Elementary 214 Honolulu
Nuuanu Elementary 4 Honolulu
Noelani Elementary 1 Honolulu
Kalani High 151 Honolulu
Dole Middle 201 Honolulu
Niu Valley Middle 103 Honolulu
Roosevelt High 84 Honolulu
Kaiulani Elementary 144 Honolulu
Aliiolani Elementary 98 Honolulu
Koko Head Elementary 11 Honolulu

Grading the Public Schools: The 2004 Grades search results, filtered by desc, additionalinfo, page: 8

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