Name Rank District
Parker Elementary 202 Windward
Puohala Elementary 126 Windward
King Intermediate 170 Windward
Kahuku High and Intermediate 110 Windward
Kailua Intermediate 189 Windward
Kaelepulu Elementary 26 Windward
Maunawili Elementary 41 Windward
Keolu Elementary 194 Windward
Kainalu Elementary 137 Windward
Pope Elementary 209 Windward
Sunset Beach Elementary 88 Windward
Kauainakakai Elementary 128 Maui
Kalama Intermediate 122 Maui
Kualapuu Elementary 50 Maui
Molokai High and Intermediate 235 Maui
Lanai High and Elementary 249 Maui
Kahului Elementary 141 Maui
Maui Waena Intermediate 149 Maui
Kula Elementary 14 Maui
Kamalii Elementary 61 Maui

Grading the Public Schools: The 2004 Grades search results, filtered by desc, additionalinfo, page: 2

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