Name Rank District
Waipahu Intermediate 248 Leeward
Kapolei Middle 150 Leeward
Palisades Elementary 54 Leeward
Ewa Elementary 162 Leeward
Pohakea Elementary 222 Leeward
Pearl City Highlands Elementary 70 Leeward
Kapolei High 123 Leeward
Pearl City Elementary 106 Leeward
Barbers Point Elementary 92 Leeward
Leihoku Elementary 136 Leeward
Pearl City High 134 Leeward
Mauka Lani Elementary 94 Leeward
Makakilo Elementary 160 Leeward
Kamaile Elementary 207 Leeward
Waipahu High 245 Leeward
Kaimiloa Elementary 182 Leeward
Waianae Intermediate 256 Leeward
Waianae High 251 Leeward
August Ahrens Elementary 179 Leeward
Waikele Elementary 71 Leeward

Grading the Public Schools: The 2004 Grades search results, filtered by Kalaheo-Elementary, desc, additionalinfo, page: 5

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