Name Rank District
Washington Middle 199 Honolulu
Hahaione Elementary 29 Honolulu
Liholiho Elementary 21 Honolulu
Nuuanu Elementary 4 Honolulu
Maemae Elementary 7 Honolulu
Linapuni Elementary 215 Honolulu
Aliiolani Elementary 98 Honolulu
Centraltral Middle 241 Honolulu
Aina Haina Elementary 2 Honolulu
Hokulani Elementary 12 Honolulu
Lunalilo Elementary 31 Honolulu
Wilson Elementary 10 Honolulu
Likelike Elementary 124 Honolulu
Honoluluaunau Elementary and Intermediate 225 Hawaii
Kauaimana Elementary 104 Hawaii
Waimea Elementary 187 Hawaii
Hilo High 111 Hawaii
Keaau Elementary 107 Hawaii
Mountain View Elementary 164 Hawaii
Paauilo Elementary and Intermediate 32 Hawaii

Grading the Public Schools: The 2004 Grades search results, filtered by desc, additionalinfo, page: 9

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