Name Rank District
Centraltral Middle 241 Honolulu
Royal Elementary 91 Honolulu
Stevenson Middle 161 Honolulu
Kalihi Elementary 154 Honolulu
Kaewai Elementary 195 Honolulu
Kalihi Waena Elementary 229 Honolulu
Kapalama Elementary 58 Honolulu
Jarrett Middle 139 Honolulu
Waikiki Elementary 42 Honolulu
Likelike Elementary 124 Honolulu
Wailupe Valley Elementary 23 Honolulu
Pauoa Elementary 51 Honolulu
Jefferson Elementary 166 Honolulu
Niu Valley Middle 103 Honolulu
Lunalilo Elementary 31 Honolulu
Kauailuwela Elementary 167 Honolulu
Ala Wai Elementary 203 Honolulu
Aina Haina Elementary 2 Honolulu
Koko Head Elementary 11 Honolulu
KalaKauaia Middle 183 Honolulu

Grading the Public Schools: The 2004 Grades search results, filtered by desc, additionalinfo, page: 8

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