Name Rank District
Highlands Intermediate 152 Leeward
Waiau Elementary 67 Leeward
Iroquois Point Elementary 133 Leeward
Pearl City High 134 Leeward
Pearl City Highlands Elementary 70 Leeward
Makaha Elementary 211 Leeward
Lehua Elementary 196 Leeward
Waianae High 251 Leeward
Maili Elementary 242 Leeward
Barbers Point Elementary 92 Leeward
Leihoku Elementary 136 Leeward
Nanaikapono Elementary 236 Leeward
Ewa Elementary 162 Leeward
Kapolei High 123 Leeward
Kaleiopuu Elementary 83 Leeward
Kapolei Middle 150 Leeward
Campbell High 253 Leeward
Ewa Beach Elementary 185 Leeward
Nanakuli High and Intermediate 255 Leeward
Palisades Elementary 54 Leeward

Grading the Public Schools: The 2004 Grades search results, filtered by Kalaheo-Elementary, desc, additionalinfo, page: 5

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