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Photo: Courtesy Susan Hughes



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What do you get when you cross a labrador retriever and a poodle? The labradoodle—one of the most popular designer dogs in Hawaii. “I have 60 labradoodle families on my list and I would say about 10 of those people have two labradoodles,” says Susan Hughes, the coordinator of the Annual Labradoodle Romp and the unofficial liaison between Hawaii residents and the International Doodle Owners Group. There’s a lot to love about labradoodles: They’re energetic, gentle and have a nonshed, allergy-friendly fur. The disadvantage? Labradoodle puppies aren’t easy to find. Many owners end up contacting breeders in Australia. “The puppies come from Australia because it’s rabies-free just like Hawaii,” says Hughes. For additional information, e-mail Hughes at For pictures of Hawaii’s labradoodles and their annual romps, visit