Reason To Listen To The Morning Radio: Male

photo: courtesy of star 101.9


Readers' Pick

Six days a week, commuters tune in to Star 101.9 to hear the verbal sparring between The Bizarro Morning Show’s Scotty B., a self-described conservative family man, and his alpha-female co-host, Hudson. “The first time we really got into [a disagreement] was over man-woman issues,” says Scotty B. “And the fact that we have two strong personalities on the radio coming from different perspectives on the same issue, it’s exciting and, hopefully, compelling.” Scotty B. got his start in local radio when he moved from Paris, Texas to Hilo to work for KBIG. “I arrived with $50 that somebody had wired me,” he says. “The station gave me some free McDonald’s Big Mac coupons to get something to eat. That was kind of a strange beginning.”