Reason To Listen To The Morning Radio: Female

Photo: Rae Huo


Readers' Pick

“I’ve heard Sshhh!’ Be quiet!’ and You talk too much!’ all my life. It’s nice to know I can make a living doing what I do best ... talk,” says Lina Girl Langi with a laugh. For a woman who swears she’s actually quite shy (though we’re not sure we believe her), Langi has become one of local radio’s most-listened-to personalities. Since she made her debut in 1993, Langi has paid her dues, steadily working her way up the ladder at KCCN FM100. Nowadays, she takes to the airwaves Monday through Saturday with her morning-show sidekick, Augie T. “I’m not your typical morning jock who lives off coffee,” says Langi. “I don’t drink coffee or smoke. My fix is laughing.”