Photo: David Croxford


Editors' Pick

Start the day off right with the buttery, flaky deliciousness of a scone from Sconees Bakery. Sconees has been a Kaimukī mainstay since 1999, selling between 500 and 700 scones per day—and even more on the weekends. “All scones are handmade, and made fresh every day,” says Gary Chong, the owner of Sconees. The scone recipes originally came from Liberty House, and the former department-store baker now is the head baker at Sconees. Chong says that the blueberry and apple cinnamon scones are the most popular. For $1.95 for the regular-size and $1.15 for the minis, it’s impossible to just eat one. 1117 12th Ave., 734-4024.