You'd look as happy Mix Cafe owner Bruno Iezzi if you had a stack of sandwiches like that.

Photo: David Croxford

Editors' Pick

Oh, man. It only took one steak sandwich to turn us into hardcore Mix Café addicts. That crusty bread? That drizzle of olive oil? That tender meat? Owner Bruno Iezzi has a knack for taking basic elements and marrying them together to create something indefinably tasty. “Simplicity is a key ingredient,” he says. “It’s what makes the meal. Sandwiches are not a new invention, they have been around for a long time. But if you take quality ingredients and you keep it simple, you make the most of the flavors.” Sure enough, every sandwich at this paninoteca (Italian sandwich bar) is amazing, from the tuna, which is closer to a niçoise than any tuna salad you’ve ever tasted, to the grilled veggie, which packs in hearty slices of squash and red peppers. The included side salad is reliably fresh, as well, and once you throw in a glass of house-made iced tea and a slice of chocolate cake, you’re well into lunch nirvana. 1025 Alakea St., 532-4540,