Photo: Olivier Koning


Editors' Pick

The past couple years have been good for pizza in Honolulu, with gourmet upstarts popping up seemingly everywhere. Our favorite (after extensive testing, of course) is the New York style pie served at J.J. Dolan’s. We love the crust, the sauce, the cheese. Oh, the cheese. Co-owner Jay Niebuhr has been making pizzas since 1994, and brings an old-school, East Coast sensibility to his craft—kind of. “I’m a classic cheese guy, Jersey Shore, but that hasn’t stopped me from putting Waialua asparagus and Maui sweet onions on there, some roasted red potato and garlic,” he says. One of our favorite touches at J.J.’s: You can buy the cheese or pepperoni pizza by the slice for just $3—perfect for a quick lunch or pau hana. 1147 Bethel St., 537-4992,