Gourmet Shave Ice

Photo: Istock


Editors' Pick

Shimazu Store on School Street is a hidden gem of a snack shop, with not much more than an awning and a bench out front. The best way to find it? Look for the line of shave ice gourmands popping out the door every weekend. Delighted newbies march out with tri-color rainbow cones, but Shimazu also offers a decidedly more sophisticated menu of flavors: mojito, red velvet, creme brulee, green tea creme, buttered popcorn and more, drizzled over a Mt. Everest of shaved ice, not too crunchy, not too fine. Overwhelmed? Shimazu servers even make suggestions for pairings. There’s virtually no parking available, a long wait when it’s crowded, and your only chance at a seat is the curb, but the flavor combinations are worth it all. 330 N. School St.