French Fries

Potatoes. Oil. Salt. Sounds pretty basic, but you can take French fries in a lot of directions. Here are some of our favorites:

Editors' Picks

Photo: David Croxford



Not content to be simply delicious, thirtyninehotel’s papas fritas have architectural aspirations. Thick-cut fries are stacked into a tower, around a smokey flavored aioli sauce. $5.



Photo: David Croxford



The Counter’s pile of sweet potato goodness is almost a meal unto itself. A kicky horseradish sauce balances the sweetness of the fries. $4.95.


Photo: David Croxford



If you’re sticking to the straight and narrow, you can still justify Hale Macrobiotic’s organic fries cooked in sesame oil, with tofu tartar sauce and a house-made ketchup on the side. Available only for dinner, $4.95.



Photo: David Croxford


We’re not gonna lie: At the end of the day, nothing beats McDonald’s for a basic order of French fries. Regular size, $1.89.