Cocktail Rediscovery

Editors' Pick

We’ve enjoyed the new generation of elaborate, foodie cocktails to be found around town, but one of our happiest bar moments in recent months came when we told bartender Kyle Reutner to “surprise us.” Reutner whipped up a nearly clear concoction, served ungarnished, which tasted fantastic. “What is this?” we asked. “That is the Honolulu No. 2,” he said. He found the recipe in the 1933 classic, The Savoy Cocktail Book—one ounce each of gin, Benedictine and maraschino liqueur, stirred over ice, strained into a cocktail glass. Ask for it at thirtyninehotel (39 N. Hotel St., 599-2552) or Apartment3 (1750 Kalakaua Ave., 955-9300), where Reutner splits his time, or at Lewer’s Lounge in the Halekulani. Somehow, the name suits the drink perfectly; let us know if you don’t agree.