Museum Facelift

photo: olivier koning


Editors' Pick

 It’s been three years of hard work for the Bishop Museum, but the new and improved Hawaii Hall makes it all worth it. The venerable hall was originally built in the early 1900s with open air and natural lighting in mind—two things that turn out to damage historical artifacts. The windows are now permanently shut and the hall air-conditioned, but the grandeur of the place remains intact. Renovators reorganized the well-worn displays into a storytelling layout, with each floor exploring a different theme. The first floor represents the ocean realm, the second floor the realm of everyday living, and the third floor the heavenly realm. “Visitors will discover the enduring resilience of the Native Hawaiians, the monarchy and the traditions,” says Donalyn Dela Cruz, the museum’s community relations manager. Revisit the Bishop Museum at 1525 Bernice Street, 847-3511,