First Date

photo: mark arbeit

Editors' Pick

First dates are so hard. You need to find a spot that’s light and casual, but manages to convey what a catch you are. We’ve got the answer: The Contemporary Museum. Start with a light lunch at the museum cafe (You’ve got great taste!), and then stroll through the five galleries, with each provocative exhibit providing endless conversational topics (You’re thoughtful and creative!). If you’re feeling ambitious, you can swap out the cafe for a beautifully packed picnic basket ($30, order ahead) and straw mat and retire to the museum’s award-winning Nuumealani Garden (You’re romantic and outdoorsy!). You’ve got the rest of your lives to disappoint each other, so try to at least start on a high note. 2411 Makiki Heights Drive, 526-1322 for info, 523-3362 for picnic orders.