Beer Tasting

photo: michael keany


Editors' Pick

Beer used to be a pretty blue-collar drink. Nowadays, it’s gone gourmet, with fans throwing around words like “dry-hopping” and “mouthfeel.” Restaurant sommeliers are even starting to be joined by “brew-meliers.” How is one to make sense of it all? One of the most fun ways is the weekly beer tasting at Bar 35, led by beer guru Andy Baker, who is a part owner of Hawaii Nui Brewing. Twenty bucks buys you a flight of eight 5-ounce samples, and a second helping of your favorite one. Baker circulates through the bar, talking about the different beer styles, the history of the breweries and answering any geeky beer questions you might have. There are also slices of Bar 35’s delicious pizza floating freely around, and by the end of the evening, you’re bound to be full to bursting with beer, pizza and knowledge. Even better, there’s a different theme each week, so you can keep coming back. (A recent tasting focused on Rogue Ale beers, complete with a special visit from Rogue founder Jack Joyce.) Every Wednesday, 6 to 8 p.m., 35 N. Hotel St., 537-3535.