Pet Groomer

photo: david croxford



Editors's Pick

Kahala Super Grooming can wash your pup without shampoo. Thanks to a microbubble machine that generates countless microscopic bubbles, every strand of fur gets cleaned from root to tip without chemicals, scrubbing or stress. “Some dogs even fall asleep while they’re sitting in the tub,” says manager Kenji Takahashi. Groomers also use scissors instead of clippers and hand-held dryers instead of a cage-dryer. The process might take a little longer, but Takahashi says, “the dogs are less stressed, their fur looks better, and they’re happy to come back.” Kahala Super Grooming’s techniques come from years of working with pets; owners Kosei and Yukiko Inoue boast a combined 50 years of experience in the grooming industry. 4819 Kılauea Ave., 735-9334.