Musical Instrument Repair

Editors' Pick

Music Center of Hawaii is one of those old-kine style shops, complete with the little bell on the door that jingles when you enter. It jingles for Hawaii’s musicians when their band and orchestral instruments are in need of some TLC. Once it even jingled for Carter Bray, principal cellist with the New York Philharmonic, who was in town and needed a tweak on his 18th-century Guadagnini. Owner Robyn Leong is a little unusual in the world of instrument repair because he repairs both strings and woodwinds. “I’m crazy,” he says with his mild smile. Leong has studied under some of the great masters,  learning his craft from the likes of Marco Piccinotti in Italy, Hans Nebel in New Jersey and David Straubinger in Indianapolis. Hawaii’s musicians reap the rewards of the friendships that Leong has forged with such masters; some of them come regularly to the little store in KakaŒako to work and lead workshops. 851 Pohukaina St. #F, 596-8742.